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By Damilola Faustino

It is one thing to have a good phone, and another to use your phone optimally. The more optimally you use your smartphone, the easier your life becomes. Obviously, your phone is now a major part of your life so you should know of the ways to boost your phone experience:


Stop spam

You can still stop spam calls and messages in their tracks. A good way to stop getting endless spam calls is by using Truecaller. You can visit Truecaller to download the app.

No more data outrageous data bills

Want to avoid outrageous data bills? Then consider using Google’s own data traffic monitoring app, Datally. This is a new app. It lets you view your data use and gives you the power to control your background data usage. If you turn on the Data Saver function, you can track your real-time data usage for each of your apps.

Automatically unlock your phone

Do you want to keep your phone secure and get to it at a moment’s notice? Then you should look into Smart Lock. With Smart Lock, you can set your phone so it will stay unlocked if it’s on your body, paired with another device, such as a smartwatch running Wear OS; or if you’re in a trusted location, like your home or office. To turn it on, just tap Security & Location > Smart Lock. Enter your PIN, pattern, or password. Pick the option you want, and you’re good to go.

Remind me

Not everyone can put their to-do list in their head. So, instead, you can use OK Google or Google Assistant to set a reminder for yourself. All you need do is open the voice command and say, “Remind me to call bae at 6pm today,” and you’re done. At the appointed time, the phone will alert you that it’s time to take Spot out for his walk.

Save that battery

Want to know the easiest power-saving Android tip of all? Just go to Settings > Display and shift the default brightness level to 50 per cent. That’s all. How much battery life can this save you? According to one study, just lowering your brightness up can save you hours.

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