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By Damilola Faustino

The days when all a girl had to do, to get approached by a man, was to sit in a bar for five minutes on her own, are long gone. These days, a girl has to work a bit harder to attract some attention and, more importantly, attention from the right kind of guy.
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There’s the internet, of course, and you can easily meet new people online, but that can be a bit of a hit and miss. We share some of the most realistic places you can meet single people today:


Access bank Lagos City marathon

One event where you are virtually assured of meeting someone is the Access Bank marathon holding this weekend in Lagos. What’s more, you get hours or two to talk to someone, because you’re both going the same way! So, take advantage of the marathon.


Swimming can also surprisingly help you meet new people. Pick your time carefully and you will find some singles who are ready to mingle. Striking up a conversation, mid length, might be difficult, but there’s always a coffee shop or bar to chat in later. Just break the ice before you move to the coffee shop or bar.

Religious houses

This is another awesome place where can meet people for dates. So whether you are a Muslim or Christian, it is a perfect place to start a long-lasting relationship.

Go on a group tour

A bit of an expensive option, this one, but it could be successful. Pick your tour destination carefully. It also a place where you will find that quite a lot of singles travel. On a cruise, you get to meet people who you will meet again tomorrow, so there’s a great chance to start talking, introduce yourself and to get know someone new.


Besides visiting the gym to keep fit, you can also meet eligible singles to go on a date with. And if you hit it from the beginning, you are on your way to a real relationship.

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