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A key part of fashion or looking good is wearing the right attire for the right occasion. Granted, wearing a suit and tie can obviously make you to look or appear smart. Regardless, there are places you should not wear such an attire to, as they may come off a bit awkward. So, where are the places you should not adorn suit and tie? Read on to find out:

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To the cinemas

The cinema is a place where you watch movies. So, you have to be as casual as possible. However, this doesn’t mean you should look haggard and dishevelled.

On an aeroplane

Except you’re going straight from the plane to work, then there is no need to wear a suit for a long flight. This can be very uncomfortable. You can simply fold it if you made the ‘mistake’ of wearing one.


You may want to show off the fact that you work with a multinational company by wearing your suit and tie to go shopping with your girlfriend. It is quite unnecessary. You should leave your tie and suit in the car. You do not need them.

For an evening date

Adorning a suit for an evening date will only give the impression that you are too serious. It is just a date. A nice t-shirt and trousers are fine for such an occasion.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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