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Last week the Access Women Network (AWN) of Access Bank had a small event called ‘Making Smart Investments’. Mrs Ononuju Irukwu came and broke down how women can make sure they’re investing their money right.




Mrs. Irukuwu’s advice was stellar- she started by explaining the importance of a foundation. To make smart investments, you have to make sure you have the right type of attitude towards money. You have to know everything and anything about whatever it is you’re investing in. And you have to have have a plan. Only then can you begin to start planning.




She also spoke about the importance of saving, breaking down just how much needs to be put towards what:

  • 10%- Emergency Fund
  • 10%- Religious giving
  • 10%- Savings
  • 30%- Living Expenses
  • 30%- Debt servicing
  • 10%– Anything

Mrs. Irukwu ended the talk by highlighting the necessity of setting up an investment club. It’s not only more fun doing it with other people, but the advice and support of other people is crucial in making sure one’s investments are not in vain. She then encouraged the clubs to make sure they have a minimum number of people, clear objectives, a binding constitution and a specific timeline.




And with that, the event was done! It was a good time and everyone learnt a lot. Looking forward to the next one!