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B. Simone’s new book Baby Girl: Manifest The Life You Want has recently been found to include multiple instances of plagiarism

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On Twitter, some writers are accusing B. Simone—whose real name is Braelyn Greenfield—of copying their work. Ell of Boss Girl Bloggers became aware of the issue via email, and she’s been sharing examples of which writers’ content has allegedly been copied, including her own.

According to these tweets, B. Simone allegedly plagiarized these bloggers: The VisionPreneur, The Morning Buzz, and The Happiness Planner. It looks like entire pages from Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want could be replicas of other writers’ work.

One of the bloggers, The Happiness Planner, wrote “We just bought their book and found at least 3 pages so far that are exact copies of our printables…even the font. I mean, they could have at least modified them a bit, but no.”

Mz Skittlez, Simone’s manager, responded in an Instagram comment by placing blame on a design company. According to her, a lawsuit is in progress. But according to a Twitter user, Mz Skittlez is the owner of the design agency that put together B Simone’s book.

Meanwhile, in a series of tweets on Sunday, Meek asked why she was being “canceled” for having “finessed a book” when—in his opinion—major corporations could be met with the same fate for “ripping our culture off.”

Later, he explained that he didn’t look into “what she really did” before his comments, but was instead making a broader point

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