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More and more, big consumer brands are taking the forefront in addressing social issues. Recently, Gillette was one of them, releasing an ad campaign that addressed toxic masculinity, a campaign that garnered mixed reactions from people across the globe.

Olivier Rousteing, French creative director for Balmain is filling those shoes now as he used the monochromatic Balmain collection to address the hatefulness of the digital world.


A collection Balmain Fall 2019 collection which is majorly monochrome masterpieces, with words like – “You only know my name, not my story;” “Your comments I don’t mind. Hate with passion is love;” “Don’t put your blame on me;” and “I’m under no obligation to reply” designed into bikers, hoodies and more as the edgy models took to the runway.

The Balmain Fall 2019 collection also features strong shoulders, tweed jackets, opera styled glasses, vintage glasses, excessive clothing, spiked jackets, a combination of denim and other fabrics, knitted wears, tuxedos, cropped jackets, metal chains, graffiti pieces, cut-outs at the shoulder, and more designs that exude the funky age vibe.


According to the Balmain creative director;

“I want women to have the same power as the men and I want men to be able to discover their feminine sides … in the collection, there is both men and women and you cannot necessarily tell by the clothes who was the woman and who is the man. It is kind of like there is one gender.”

See more pieces from the campaign below:

balmain balmain balmain

By Sarah Oyedo

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