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Italian striker Mario Balotelli faced racial abuse during the Serie A clash between Brescia and Hellas Verona on Sunday, accusing fans of racial slurs aimed at his direction.

He temporarily left the pitch after booting the ball into the crowd. All 21 players on the pitch went over to console him before the game went on

Balotelli later scored a superb goal as his side lost 2-1, smashing the ball into the top corner.

However, the match will be remembered for yet another shameful incident involving a black player in Serie A which is becoming a growing problem

But Verona’s manager Ivan Juric says there were no racial undertones to the chants from his team’s supporters.

“I am not afraid to say there were no racist chants today,” Juric told Sky Sport Italia. “They might have jeered and mocked the great player, but there was nothing there…

“You can ask him, there was nothing there. I am disgusted by racist abuse and I will be the first to condemn it when it happens, but this was not it.

“They provoked him with jeers and sarcastic chants, but they were not racist. Anything else is a lie.”

It was not the only match suspended this weekend, the clash between Roma and Napoli on Saturday was also stopped after Roma supporters aimed anti-territorial chants at their rivals.

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