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By Damilola Faustino

Whether it’s to do dishes, wash our clothes, or clean ourselves in the shower, one thing’s for sure: Soap helps us be the cleanest we can be. Many people prefer bar soap over any other kind. Unfortunately, however, bar soap can sometimes get a bad representation.
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That’s because there are a lot of misconceptions out there about it. This write up will demystify and change your perception about bar soap.

bar soap

Using other people’s bar soap can spread germs

People tend to be afraid by a bar soap that’s been used by someone else. But know that germs can’t actually be transferred from the bar soap to your body if you use it. Just make sure the bar has time to fully dry before using it on yourself. Bar soap contains elements that help it naturally clean itself once it’s dry.

Bar soap dries out your skin

On the contrary, bar soap actually contains a host of fatty oils that keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. Many people believe that liquid soap helps moisture your skin better simply because of its smooth and silky texture, and while it can keep you moisturised, bar soap is much better for this kind of thing.

It creates more environmental waste

Liquid soap is actually the culprit here. The plastics containing the liquid soap usually get dumped into the trash as they aren’t recycled. And in general, the process of creating liquid soap requires more energy for packaging production and disposal. Bar soap only contains a small cardboard box and the actual bar disappears as you use it!

Antibacterial is better than regular bar soap

While antibacterial soap has its benefits, it’s in no way more effective than regular soap for killing disease-causing germs. Antibacterial simply means that the soap has active antimicrobial ingredients added to it, but there’s really no evidence that antimicrobial soap products make or keep people healthier than regular soap.

It is more expensive than liquid

Bar soap is not more expensive than liquid soap. In fact, people actually tend to go through liquid soap much faster than they do bar soap, probably because it’s so easy to squeeze a lot out of the bottle, which means a lot can go to waste.


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