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By Damilola Faustino

Yes we all have computers, yes we use them, but it fascinates me when I see some people want to copy a file to paste it elsewhere; So they go all the way to right click the mouse, and then select copy and then go to their destination, then right click again, and then select paste. Jeez! Look how long that took to even explain. Please find below tips to maximise your use of the computer and make you so much faster and your experience more enjoyable:


Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts work on the websites and applications you use every day online. Remember, if you are on a Mac, the CTRL button press is substituted with the Command button on your computer. Examples: CTRL+A: Select All; CTRL+C: Copy; CTRL+X: Cut; CTRL+V: Paste; CTRL+Z: Undo; CTRL+Y: Redo; CTRL+B: Bold; CTRL+U: Underline; CTRL+I: Italicize; CTRL+SHIFT+DEL: Delete Permanently; etc.

Take a screenshot

On a PC, press Window key+PrtSc (Print Screen button) to take a photo of the entire screen and will save it to a Screenshot folder within your Pictures folder. On a Mac, CMD+Shift+3 takes a photo of the entire screen. The screenshots can be pasted into any photo-editing software, like Paint or Photoshop or even online applications like Pic Monkey or Canva. On a PC, you can use the Snipping Tool — a program in Windows — to select a specific area of your screen to take a screenshot. On a Mac, CMD+Shift+4 lets you take a screenshot of a portion of your screen, by using your mouse and selecting the area you would like to take a screenshot of.

Minimise all windows

Sometimes you have a bunch of stuff running, and you want it all to go away so you can get back to your desktop. Simply press the Windows key+D. This will minimize everything you have up, which will save you some time when you don’t have to press the minimize button for each window. Conversely, you can also press Windows key+D again to bring everything back.

Moving through blocks of text

For PC users, these tips will help you move through blocks of text in most programs like Word or Google Sheets or WordPress. Holding down the Ctrl key while pressing the left or right arrow will move the cursor one word at a time through text instead of one character at a time. If you want to highlight one word at a time, hold down Ctrl+Shift, then press the left or right arrow key. Your highlighted selection will move one word at a time in that direction. Pressing Ctrl+Backspace will delete a full word at a time instead of a single character.

Scrolling the internet

When browsing the Internet, pressing the space bar moves the scrollbar down a page. Similarly, Shift+spacebar moves the scrollbar up one page.

Search text

Pressing Ctrl+F opens a Find field window, which allows you to search the text currently displayed in any program that supports it. For example, Ctrl+F can be used in your Internet browser to find text on the current page.  Try it now by pressing Ctrl+F now to open the Find in your browser and search for the word “shortcut” to display each time shortcut is mentioned on this page. On a Mac, use Cmd+F to find.

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