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Welcome to June and most importantly, welcome to summer! It’s been quite the year so far, as normalcy is within sight and the world begins to open up.  A lot has changed, but a lot is still the same. And fashion and beauty have gotten the memo.

In this month’s issue of The Cover, we re-introduce the sexy and timeless corset and share the benefits of oil cleansing – two things that are centuries old but keep coming back. We also share news on major wins for Team Accelerate, content to keep an eye on and talk about some of the harmful effects of ‘purity culture’. But we also keep things juicy… How? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out.

Our featured guest for this month is Basketmouth, one of the industry’s most-known entertainers. He shares his journey in comedy as a creator and points out areas in which potential is yet to be unlocked within the performing arts space.

Relax and enjoy this easy read. And of course, watch the interview below.


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