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By Damilola Faustino

The fierce competition between Samsung and Apple has extended to the point of mocking ads to shade one another, but now it has extended to motorola, who has shaded Samsung on the wing of the same kind of ad it presented to shade Apple.

Motorola Z2 Play smartphone

Samsung’s ad bluntly mocking the many fans who turned out to buy iPhones year after year, by showing an Apple customer frustrated at the fact that his girlfriend’s Samsung always seemed to have newer features.

Predictably it ends with the man switching to Samsung himself rather than buying the iPhone X.

Now, Motorola, riding on the back of this ad has entered the fray with an advert for its own Motorola Z2 Play smartphone.

It picks up where Samsung’s advert left off and shows the same customer coming home with his brand new Galaxy Note 8 – only to have his girlfriend one-up him again.

She shows off the highlights of the modular phone by clipping on Motorola’s projector Moto Mod and playing a homemade movie on the wall of the apartment.

Watch motorola’s ad below:

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