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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Exercise may be the last thing you would consider when you are lying in bed, battling menstrual pain, but it is the one natural thing that can ease your pain. Here’s why:

girl having menstrual pain

  1. Relieves Bloating

Exercise reduces fluid retention and bloating during your period. Once activities like jumping jacks, crunches are done, the pains around your belly will drastically reduce or relieve you entirely.

  1. Keeps You Cool

Estrogen and progesterone levels are low during your period. This low-hormone phase is associated with a lower body temperature. Simply put, you will take a lot longer to uncomfortably heat up and fatigue while you exercise, making your workout more productive and maybe even longer.

  1. Boost your mood and combat PMS

The PMS and mood swings that comes with the monthly cycle varies from each individual. It can range from experiencing debilitating anxiety to minor depression. Some might not feel any mood changes; others might have an inexplicable feeling of being down some days before or during the first days of your period. Studies have proved that people experiencing depression benefit from exercise as it decreases levels of depression and boosts the mood.

4. Relieves fatigue and headaches

When you feel so tired but can’t get a sleep either, the best thing to do is to take a walk. The first 10 minutes will be hard, but once you get moving it will strengthen blood circulation and activate your heart muscles. This will result in higher energy levels and help you beat the tiredness. Scientists have actually proved that when you feel down, it’s best to do exercise to feel more energised and awake.

5.  Regulates irregular periods naturally

Taking part in physical activities can help one regularize irregular or overdue periods. Be particularly active the days before you expect your period to come and pair it with a healthy diet. Also take fruits like pineapples, papaya and parsley alongside. Combine those with regular exercise the days before your period.

Note: You have to take it easy on whatever type of exercise you intend to embark on as Strenuous exercise will just worsen your pain and expose you to more fatigue.

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