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Five housemates of BBNaija Pepper Dem edition have been nominated for eviction ahead of Sunday, July 14. The five housemates that were nominated for eviction are Tacha, Ella, Mercy, KimOprah and Sir Dee. The eviction list was announced on Monday night, 24 hours after two housemates, Isilomo and Avala were evicted.

Voting began at 7:30 PM on Monday after the housemates nominated their fellow housemates for eviction.Here’s how housemates nominated for eviction:

Diane Nominated KimOprah and Tacha.

Seyi nominated Ella and Tuoyo.

Omashola nominated Sir Dee and Tacha.

Tacha  nominated Frodd and Sir Dee 

Mercy nominated Ella and Frodd 

Frodd  nominated Tacha and Ella 

Nelson nominated Ella and Gedoni 

Khafi nominated KimOprah and Frodd 

Sir Dee nominated Ella and Ike 

Ella nominated KimOprah and Tacha 

Mike nominated Ella and Tacha 

Jackye nominated Jeff and Sir Dee 

Esther nominated Ike and Tacha

Ike nominated Jeff and Diane 

Tuoyo nominated Ella and Seyi 

Jeff nominated Frodd and Esther 

Thelma nominated Frodd and Tacha

KimOprah nominated Tacha and Jackye 

Gedoni nominated Tuoyo and Mercy 


Being the VPH, Frodd has the power to save any one of the Housemates nominated for Eviction by simply asking that the Housemate be replaced with another one. To do this, he’s got only 20 seconds, after which the nomination becomes irrevocable. If this happens, he forfeits his Veto Power and loses his Immunity against Nomination if he fails to save and replace the Housemate within the 20 seconds allotted him.

Being in the Nominated list himself, Frodd uses his Veto Power to save and replace himself with Mercy. Considering the heat that the connection between the two has begun to generate in the House

Nelson, Omashola, Jackye, Thelma, Khafi, Mike, Frodd, Ike, Gedoni, Esther, are some of the housemates who escaped being nominated for Eviction by housemates.

By: Dammy Eneli

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