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Venita got into an argument with Frodd over what she perceived to be Esther’s intrusion in their newfound friendship. The trouble for Frodd started when Venita went out to get a knife to share her burger with him. On getting back, she found him talking with Esther and that didn’t go down well with her.

So while the guys gathered to chat, Mike informed Frodd that Venita was about to move her bed from his side because she saw him chatting with Esther. Obviously not in the mood to ruin his newfound friendship with Venita, Frodd approached Venita to clear the air over the Esther incident.

Frodd felt Venita was being petty about the issue because he didn’t even know she was going to take it that personal. They went back and forth about the burger and Esther Incident for a while, trying to settle the issue.

Venita later apologised for being petty about the issue while Frodd reminded her that him talking to Esther does in no way affects their friendship…lovebirds in the making?

By: Dammy Eneli

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