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BBNaija reality star, Alex Unusual has always been open about her generosity and giving mindset. However, she might be rethinking this lifestyle of hers due to a recent experience that may have scarred her.

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Apparently, people just love to take advantage and this is not sitting well with her at all.

Alex took to her Twitter page to narrate her experience with a young man who met her at the mall and pleaded with her to pay for his food. Shortly after she paid and was heading out of the mall, he followed her out and expected her to give him some money for fare. Alex however, revealed she was smarter.

She narrated: “So today, something happened and I want to share. I went grocery shopping and a young man walked up to me with shortbread in his hand and said “Aunty please I’m hungry but I don’t have money to pay for this”. I look at his hand, he wasn’t even holding the small one.

“He came back but this time, he came with an extra yogurt on the other hand and he was in front of me, he put both in the same hand as he mumbled “they said I should ask them at the paying place”. I had to speak to myself “Alex keep your cool!!! Don’t get angry, nobody deserves it” “I got to “paying place” as he called it and we started to go through the (pim, pim, pim ) process. This boy expected me to check his own first. I asked him to chill. He then tried to help me. Hiding my emotions as I smiled, I said “don’t worry.”

“I was contemplating. Should I teach him a lesson or not ? I wanted to say “check the price of those two items, I’ll buy you food that’s worth the same amount but I was too tired for the lesson process and my heart won’t let me ignore him. “After paying, he followed me. Why!!! , why was he following me!!! . He wanted money for transportation. The Alex in me set in as I couldn’t conceal my utmost disgust anymore. I gave him a look that said it all and he left, surely to pester another pure heart.

“In all, my mum was right. When you allow, they look for allowance. When you give allowance, then they demand allowances. Let’s learn to cut our coat according to our size. I wish I told him that though.”

Well, let’s hope this does not change Alex’s mind about helping people who are genuinely in need.

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