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Winner of Big Brother Naija 2018, Miracle Ikechukwu was full of excitement as he revealed that he has passed his exam at the US Aviation Academy in Florida.miracle ikechukwu bbnaija

Miracle enrolled in a US Aviation Academy in Florida after he completed his flight studies in Nigeria, just after his BBNaija win.

The young pilot took to Instagram to show off his result. He apparently aced with 83%.

Meanwhile, the reality show star had earlier revealed in an interview, his plans to own a flying school, airline.

He said; “Obviously, I have so many plans. Apart from this my big dream of being a billionaire through agriculture and all that, I remember when I had the passion for flying. You know, it costs a lot. It was not realistic for me to fly. So, I finished my PPL training but my CPL training, I had issues because I didn’t have enough funds. So, what I plan on doing, I plan on owning a flying school because since I came out, I heard a lot of kids want to be pilots. But then again, going to an aviation school is not like to going to a university. It cost a lot. People that go to aviation school are always sponsored. I would love to own a flying school.

“And not just a flying school because you can’t just train flight students and just leave them like that. I need to own like an airline too so that once they are done with their training, they have a job automatically. And that’s like the big plan. But what I plan to do right now is, you know, back then in school, we always had this mentality, we kids, that when they ask you, what do you want to become in future, it won’t pass these four things – engineer, doctor, lawyer. So, other job opportunities, they don’t even know about it. There is no orientation for that. I plan on going to certain schools, organise like a career day where I would invite a lot of professionals like myself to give these children more information. You’re not just limited to these four or five careers. So, that’s what I know I can do right now.”

Congratulations Miracle!

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