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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Errmm, Is that a boner?

nina and miracle

So it happened in the bathroom, on BBNaija Day 2.

They were in bathing suits or underwears or something and that’s how they hugged and had a passionate kissing moment. Seriously, it looked passionate for the few seconds that it lasted and Nina laughed it off and moved away.

But look at Miracle very well when he turns around. Comment when you see it. *clears throat*

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, amidst rumours that he might be married, Miracle’s brother has claimed that he is not married and the ring he was wearing actually belonged to his brother.

Rumours sparked about the 20-year-old pilot and model’s marital status, when the internet dug up one of his old photos where he was wearing a wedding band.

Well, his brother said he is not married, so maybe the case can rest there…

Watch below:

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