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Having called out people for begging her for money and telling them to change their circles if they don’t have friends who can gift them five hundred thousand naira, BBNaija star, Ifu Ennada has come out to retract and clarify her statement.

ifu ennada

She explained that she was only issuing advice from her own experience.

She said everyone should equip themselves with great ideas, even if they do not have the money to fund them, but be sure not to remain in a circle of people who are in the same low financial state as they are, but find friends who can support their dreams.

Ifu noted that that was how she was able to get funding to begin making films.

See all she said: “Pls Read…Some people were angered by a section of my last post – where I talked about 500k not really being a huge sum and how I feel having someone in your circle who can give that to you isn’t abnormal. Some even asked if I had people who could give me that kind of money before BBNaija…

First of all I’m sorry if I cut across the wrong way. It wasn’t my intention to be that way.

And yes to your questions; long before BBNaija I had people in my life who gave me 500k… My short film – Tears of a Broken Virgin was brought to life after a friend of mine gave me 500k to produce it. His name is Solomon. This was 2yrs before Big Brother. You can watch my short film by clicking the link in my bio.

My beautIFU people, being broke doesn’t mean you should also surround yourself with people in the same financial state as you.

You can be broke but have rich dreams and in order to bring your dreams to reality it’s always good to include people who have the capacity to move your life forward in your circle.

For people to lavishly support your dreams they need to see why they should, there has to be something you’re bringing to the table.

I was a financially poor girl with big dreams but I was always working on myself, being resourceful and adding value to people even the rich… one day I’ll tell you how I made my first 1.8 million at age 22 – even though money was mismanaged…but right now I want to give God the glory for everything that I am and also let you know that I’ll never look down on anyone.

Lastly one thing that has worked for me is to dream so big that certain things that appear big to others seem small to me- this positions my mind in a way that makes it say – nothing is impossible with God and when you believe this, there’s really nothing you can’t achieve. —
I sincerely hope you don’t misunderstand me. I care about you guys and I want to inspire you the right way, this is why I’ve taken my time to explain myself even though I don’t owe anyone an explanation. ❤

So… are you with Ifu Ennada on this one?

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