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Fresh off his bold new Instagram pictures, Tobi Bakre is on to other gist.

The entertainer, who is a BBNaija alumnus took to twitter today to share his worst valentine’s day experience and why Valentine’s day has been solo for him ever since.

Tobi bakre

According to him, when he was in the university, he had courted this beautiful woman whom he felt was “the one.” In order to please her on Valentine’s Day, he went ahead to borrow money from almost all of his family members. Then he used the money to book a reservation in an expensive restaurant.

Even more, he bought a phone for her before the D-day. Just so he could ensure that the lady would not miss their Valentine date, he gave her money to board a cab, he also took a taxi to the destination. With flowers in his hands and a lot of love in his heart, Tobi said he waited for his date to come.

After several minutes, she did not show up. Three hours passed, and still, his bae had not come.

Dejected and sad, Tobi dragged himself to a club just so he could while away the remaining hours of his wasted day. Upon reaching the popular club where he knew his friends would be, Tobi stumbled upon the lady that was supposed to be his date. He did not see her just hanging around, he met her entertaining men that were old enough to be her father.

At first, he did not seem disturbed by this turn in event. However, something happened that broke his guts and caused him to shed tears helplessly.
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Tobi Bakre

Tobi Bakre

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