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I woke up on the wrong side of my bed this morning, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, brush my teeth or eat breakfast.
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I guess that should explain my reason for not wanting to go to church today, but it doesn’t. I have fears about what my life is going to become eventually. I wonder if I am just wasting away instead of focusing on the things that truly matter, I have a life plan but I am behind schedule, and this makes me really sad.

However, I stepped out my room because the noise from the Television in the sitting room was blaring, and I needed to give whoever was responsible a piece of my mind. Damn!!! It was only 6 am. But what I saw broke my heart. My big brother who was deaf and dumb from birth was leaning close to the Television trying to make out the lyrics of Kiss Daniel’s song ‘Mama’. Our Aunty sent him this hearing aid from Europe and he was trying it out, but obviously, it wasn’t working because he was still straining to hear.

In spite of this, he was smiling as he waved me good morning. I smiled back and went back to my room, still sad, but it was different now. I realized that most times we are not grateful for the life that we have. We complain about how things should be, but we forget to be grateful for the little things, and that is really sad.

Written By: Bolanle Olosunde.

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