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beard charm3


No one thinks of the beard. Women have always had more than enough jewellery to deal with. From finger, ear, nose, hair, feet, toe rings, bracelet and every other jewellery you can think of, women have a whole lot of jewellery options available to them.


beard charm4


Well, it’s time for the men to show off a little bling too! Beard charms are a real thing now by the Krato Milano jewellery brand. The male beard is “a perfect canvas of self-expression” the designer Valeria Stroukova wrote on the line’s Kickstarter page. The beard charms are small triangular clips that simply twist into place on any beard longer than three centimeters.


bead charm2
The beard charm is currently in three masculine designs presently- skull, anchor and crystal. Want the perfect gift for your beard gang boyfriend? A beard charm might exactly what you have been waiting for.


Image by: Pinterest.com
Written by Treasure Asanammy