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Beards have been a thing for a while (#BeardGang) and guys (as well as girls) have been loving it. Some guys even go as far as getting beard implants just to have the hunky hillbilly look. But then there’s also some guys that want to give their faces a vacation. There is a way to go from beard to beard free without shaving it all off at once. Well, if you are ready to slowly transition away from that path, here is a pain-free guide to shaving off your beard:


beard off2


-Go from beard to stubble first: It is risky to go straight from full beard to clean shaven. If you have grown them over four weeks, you should take your time. Use a beard trimmer to trim down to a short stubble, then leave it for a week before going clean shaven.

-Prep the skin under your stubble: Good skin is important as well as a good shave. When you have trimmed your beard to a stubble, exfoliate and moisturise. This is because your skin hasn’t been exposed for a while so it is pretty sensitive at this point.

-Don’t rush it: When you are finally ready to shave it completely off a week later, make sure you take your time. In this regard, choose a day to shave where you are not in a hurry to go to work or otherwise. That way, you have time to take absolute care.


beard off3


-Prep your stubble for shaving: Before you start shaving, exfoliate again. This not only removes dead cells but also helps to lift up the hairs in preparation for shaving. When you are done exfoliating, have a hot shower before you shave as this will soften the stubble.

-On to the actual shaving: Apply shaving cream with a brush so as to spread them evenly. If you’ve done it right, the hair should push through the lather. This will mean less chance of the razor catching hairs as you shave so as to avoid in-grown hairs.

-Go with the grain: Don’t get overzealous as to want to get a completely clean shave the first time. So with a grain which is not your smooth baby skin. Use a single razor so as to minimise cutting hazard.

-Stretch your skin as you shave: When you shave, use your hand to pull to have enough tension. This will avoid you cutting your face. That can be very painful.

beard off1

-After the shave: Don’t towel dry your face afterwards. This will cause blood to rush to the skin, causing redness and blood spots. Don’t use after shave as it contains highly perfumed and alcohol based products, both of which have the potential to irritate your skin.

-Sit back and soothe: When you are done, sit back with a chilled towel which you may have put in the fridge earlier and put it over your face. Sit back and relax for a few minutes, then appreciate your freshly shaven face.

This once in a while shaving routine will ensure you get a clean, non-irritant shave that will leave your skin looking flawless and won’t poke your bae when you hug her.

Written by Michael Olise

Images: iwantashaver.com, 360nobs.com, beardoholic.com, guardyourhealth.com

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