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Beautiful bearded angels. Welcome.

So let it be known that not all guys are supposed to have facial hair. I know it adds to your masculinity (for some) but if it’s not your thing, then, please just leave it to the professionals. And as for you professionals, sit your handsome selves back and read these tips on maintaining and grooming your beard so as to attract the ladies.

trim beard

Keep it trim: If you feel the need to grow out your beard fully, you have to invest some time in trimming it. I mean seriously comb the edges properly and trim so you don’t have loose hair sticking out that can make your beard look very untidy. The same goes for the mustache. People always forget the mustache. And when trimming, you should choose a style that complements the shape of your face. Your beard will look way better that way and so will you.

Wash your beard: I know this may sound absurd but you need to shampoo that bad boy. Using your bathing soap will not cut it this time around. If you have hair shampoo, you can use the same one for your beard. This is necessary because the hairs can house germs that you may not know. When you are done washing, pat your beard gently with a dry towel. Blow drying is not necessary but recommended once in a while. Regular washing will ensure good hygiene and am sure the ladies will love to run their fingers through those soft, clean beard of yours.

Diet: If you think the previous point was weird, wait till you hear that your dietary choices can affect the health of your beards. Your beard is made from protein and fat but it’s heavily reliant on vitamin B3, B5 and B9. This means that for the optimum health, your diet need to contain nuts, egg yolks, milk and plenty of green.

sexy beard

This is just a few ideas of what you can do to ensure your facial hair is as healthy as possible. The regime however can vary from person to person. If you have a different beard routine, tell us in the comments below and let everyone share in your expansive bearded knowledge.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image: Rebloggy.com, static1.squarespace.com, www.birchbox.com