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Is Wizkid still a rising Nigerian star? UK radio Beats1, tweeted for their fans to tune in and listen to Starboy Wizkid’s latest song ‘Daddy Yo’, but they referred to Wizkid as ‘a rising Nigerian star’. And well, it’s safe to say Nigerian’s were not impressed-


rising 3 rising 2 rising star


Instead of getting a good tune in, they got a blast for referring to the singer as ‘a rising Nigerian Star’.

As a show of solidarity, these fans took to twitter to slam Beats1 for this statement, with many stating clearly that it is infact a major offense to refer to Wizkid as a rising star.

Although to be fair, while he’s rather blown here in Nigeria, he is still a rising artist in the Western world. Or is that still too small a title for him? Idk, Idk, but tell us what you think in the comments below.



Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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