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When you’re feeling the itch to get organized, don’t overlook one area that’s definitely in need of some clearing out: the place to keep your beauty products which you have been keeping for years. Aside from some of the obvious indications, it’s time to throw a beauty product out, it can be a little hard to tell what needs to go and what we can hold on to. We share some of the beauty products.

Products that have expired

If you’ve never known to look for an expiration date on your cosmetics, you’re not alone. A lot of labels on products use symbols we’re not used to seeing on other items we expect to expire, like food. To make it a tad more unexpected, some products don’t expire and aren’t labelled at all. But if you see a small picture that looks like an open jar, there will be a number there that tells you how long the formula is good for once you open it assuming you’ve stored it correctly. If it appears that it has expired, kindly throw them away.

Items that irritate your skin

If a beauty product is irritating your skin or causing any uncomfortable reaction, you shouldn’t keep using it in the hopes that your face just needs time to get used to a new lotion or formula. Some products might give you a slight tingling, but burning is not something your skin will–or should–get used to. Before using a product for the first time, dermatologists recommend patch testing a little bit on a part of your body that’s more hidden, like behind your knees or on your stomach, in case a reaction occurs. If something ends up giving you a negative reaction, you should not use it.

Products that are poorly stored

You may already know that things like supplements need to be stored in the refrigerator to ensure a certain temperature, but many of your other beauty essentials require particular storing conditions as well. To make your Vitamin C products last longer, you should be keeping those in the fridge, while products including chemical exfoliants and oils should never be placed in direct sunlight because that will heat them up and break down the ingredients, causing them to lose effectiveness faster.

The beauty products you don’t use

As hard as it is to throw out a mascara that’s only been used a handful of times if you’ve tried out a beauty product and don’t like it, your options are: try to return it or, unfortunately, throw it away. You shouldn’t give used beauty products to friends or family members because you could be unknowingly transferring an infection over to them–especially with makeup like lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner pencils.

By Damilola Faustino

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