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Summer is over and harmattan is getting  closer. Harmattan is a very harsh time of the year, the unforgiving weather comes with dryness, cold air, and this can leave you looking ashy and nobody wants to be caught unfresh.

Here are a few great ways you can maintain the glow of your skin during the harsh weather.

  • Always stay hydrated, drink a lot of water, if possible carry a bottle of water in your car, in your bag, this helps to replace the moisture your body may lose.
  • Always carry your lip balm, cracked lips can be a huge problem as they can be dry and painful and nobody wants that, thankfully lip balms are super potable and they fit into your purse or pocket, this helps to keep your lips smooth and soft.
  • This is probably the most important tip, use a good moisturizer !!!!!!!, nobody wants to come out looking white, dry and ashy like a white walker. A good moisturizer helps retain the moisture in your skin, leaving you looking radiant despite the harsh weather.
  • As weird as this sounds, do not shower with hot water, i know it sounds crazy, but hot water during harmattan just sucks up the moisture in your skin leaving it dehydrated. Warm water is your best choice, and you should use an oil based product like Shea butter after your shower.

BY: Oretha Chukwukere

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