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What? Did you think only ladies need beauty tips? If you are of that school of thought, well, you obviously need this post. Beauty tips are not only meant to make you look good but keep you healthy and presentable enough to either maybe attract Ms Right, or keep her, if you already found her. But there are simple tips you can follow to help you look clean and healthy. So read on, or show your man these tips:

  1. Keep your lips moisturized


Chapped lips are never an attractive look on anyone’s face. Keeping your lips hydrated with a good lip balm will not only make you look more presentable but will prevent early wrinkles.

  1. Clean, smooth hands and nails


Hands are delicate in the way they can easily get rough. Dirt gets underneath finger nails and germs spread easily through touching things. It is always best to keep nails trimmed, carry about a hand sanitizer and lotion. No, It’s not girly, it’s hygiene.

  1. Facial hair care


Whether you want a clean shaven look, a little shadow or a nice long beard, they all require regular attention. Don’t be tight-fisted in searching for and using the right products or equipment to help you achieve a certain look. And maybe research on the best looks for you and your beards, depending on your type of skin and hair. Not everyone has to join the beard gang.

  1. Exfoliate


To avoid the bumps and dirt that push you further away from having that clean and soft skin, it is best to scrub regularly. We mean, have a nice shower at least every morning.

  1. Moisturise


A moisturized face will help prevent the bumps and cuts that come from shaving. Use a sunscreen to prevent the damages that arise from harmful radiation. Some men don’t even use any body lotion. Seriously? Drinking enough water regularly also has some benefits for the skin, making it appear refreshed.

  1. Sleeping

sleeping man

For an all-around glow, sleep regularly, for about 7-9 hours. It is essential that we get proper rest for our general health. This goes for everyone.

  1. Oral Care

oral care teeth

Drink less liquids that stain the teeth like coffee and black tea. Floss regularly and rinse with a mouthwash because they take out the dirt that can be reached by brushing alone.

Written by Sophie Ajaero

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