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The world of beauty is constantly innovating and the beauty vloggers are always 20 steps ahead of us normal folks. Like this new craze that’s got every one talking- their new application technique. Instead of those sweet little egg-shaped applicators, beauty bloggers around the world are now using silicone bra inserts to apply their foundation. Yes that’s right silicone bra inserts.


Silicone Bra Inserts

The inserts (also know as chicken cutlets for the resemblance to the kitchen staple) are easy to work with, gentle on the skin and don’t soak up product. That last detail might be the most important because when you’re paying a pretty penny for your foundation you definitely don’t want to waste anything.

Okay we know you may be thinking that this is just weird and they might just have too much time on their hands but look, this thing makes so much sense! Another benefit is that the silicone is easy to clean, most definitely simpler than brushes and the sponges, making it more likely that you’ll actually do it and not leave all that brow colored dust in there to build up.
So there you have it: a beauty hack that sounds silly but is actually scary good (and can save you money!). So get those old unused bras and try it now!
Written by Tokyo James
Image- Kelsey Alfred 

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