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There are some habits that guys find really annoying when in bed with a woman. Some might be willing to tell you about it, but some won’t say a word. Most of these behaviors are common among ladies and in some cases even cost them their relationship. Scroll down to read about for some advice on how to keep things interesting in the boudoir:


Bedroom advice


-Don’t make comparisons: While your ex-boyfriend may have been a stallion, please refrain from the urge to compare him to your present boyfriend. This applies for outside the bedroom as well.

-Don’t just lay there: This can hurt your man’s ego more than you can ever imagine. You’re no freaking silicone doll, move that body!

-Don’t fake it: While you might think that you’re helping him feel good, some guys can tell what a fake moan sounds like. It is better to work with him towards reaching your.. ‘peak’, rather than faking it.

-Be assertive: Go ahead and make the first move. Take the lead and prove to him that you want this as much as we do too.

-Careful with the squeezing: Don’t get me wrong, most guys confess they love when their nether regions get a little squeeze. Just know when not to overdo it because some girls erroneously think guys like the “rough grabbing”.

-Skip commenting on the size: You can say any other thing to him in bed but leave out the commenting about his size except you’re complimenting it. Generally guys are a little touchy about their size and hardly talk about it among themselves. If you’ve got nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.

-Don’t text: Take my advice- it’s a major turn off! Whether before or after, nothing is more annoying when a girl keeps texting or checking on her phone during a bed session. It is distracting, annoying and disrespectful.

-Be positive: It is very easy to say something to your boo that can make him lose interest in going further in a matter of seconds. Rather than say something like “move, I can’t breathe” why not try say “bae, can you raise your hips a little higher.”

-Communicate: You like a bizarre position? Then by all means say it and he might just be open to the idea. You more of something or aren’t rally feeling enthusiastic about something either? Then come out clean. He will never know till you say it.

Any advice you would like to share? let us know in the comments section below.


Written by Treasure Asanammy

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