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A Guide to Finding Holiday Love (or at least a Really Memorable Romantic Fling)


Yay! The holidays are upon us. December is here and the cool hammattan (or winter, depending on what part of the world you are) breeze is forcing us to wear long sleeves, sweaters and use lip gloss/balm as a necessity.

The beautiful thing about the holidays is that most people are in a cheery mood. Even knowing that they may be too paranoid to cook Christmas rice (thanks to plastic rice) and they may not have money for pretty new Christmas trees (thanks to dollar prices), most people still tend to get all giddy for the holidays. This feeling comes with an openness of mind, to do new things. Of those new things, which would be sweeter than falling in love (even if it is the temporary kind of love aka a fling).




So, I came up with a list that help you, this holiday, to find love or something like it.

1- Work Out

Your body needs to get ready for all the food and wine you will consume during the holidays. Let’s not kid ourselves, a lot of us who toss out our diet plans for the holidays. So it is best to get your body to good place, so the holidays won’t make you sad. Plus, exercising makes your heart beat faster; your heart needs to get used to that if you intend to have butterflies fluttering around it.

2- Deliberately get dressed

Even when you want to look care free and chilled, do it deliberately. Plan your holiday wardrobe and consider the styles and colors that flatter you the most. Also, deliberately plan a few outfits that sort of, announce your presence. This the way to ensure that you are seen when you step out.

3- Make Plans

If you do not already have a few plans penciled down, you are running late. But the good news is that it is never too late to fix that. Plan an outing with spontaneous friends, travel, go and see a movie with someone you met on twitter. Plan family time but also, plan ‘falling in love time’. If you are from a family like mine, they will try to guilt trip into spending every second of the holiday with them. Do. Not. Fall. For. It. Don’t get me wrong, spend family time but also spend time with friends and time on the love hunt.

4- Be on the look out

If a good looking potential lover comes your way, toss your forming tendencies aside and flirt. Be inquisitive, linger on a hand shake, make eye contact, bite your lip, rub your neck, give compliments carelessly, laugh and say yes when you are asked on anything that remotely resembles a date, even if it is a road trip to attend a wedding. This gives you an added activity for the holiday and time to get to know this person better. Both ways, you win. Plus, you might get the chance for a kiss.

5- Don’t be desperate

Ok. So you want to find holiday love. We get that. But don’t put it all up in everyone’s faces and make the people you meet weary of you. It is the holiday, enjoy the season. If the holiday love grows to real love, fine. If not, it will be a very memorable fling. Just go with the flow and sweat it.

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