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By Alexandra Bazuaye

In recent times a lot of individuals mark their birthday anniversaries by celebrating with motherless babies and the less privileged in orphanage homes across the country, and that is a fantastic decision. However, for some it is just a one-off, because for everyone, their birthday anniversary is marked once a year. So after that intervention, that’s it.

The great part is that for some people, celebrations with the less privileged sparks off a desire to do noble work for the society by setting up a non-profit. This may be as a result of the passion people have in bringing succor to the sick, aged, widowed, and unemployed, among others.

And for others still, setting up a non-profit organization remains a wish that may not become a reality for various reasons. But, if you are thinking about setting up a non-profit, here are some thought jugglers you must handle before that time comes:


  1. Think it through: Be certain that this is what you and it is not just a fleeting dream. Take some time out and think the idea through because the social sector plays a key role in redefining and sharpening our society. Is this just one of those fancy dreams or this is a core goal for you? Are you setting up a non-profit for the right reasons or it is a back-up plan? Do you have enough passion to sustain you through the difficult times?
  2. Get a focus: Think about what you are most passionate about, that could serve as the roadmap for the initiatives and projects that will be implemented by your non-profit. There exists a plethora of focus areas including and not restricted to: women, girl child, poverty alleviation, youths, entrepreneurship, health, environment, leadership etc. Select what you love and enjoy working on as you thread this social sector path.
  3. Think of financing: You definitely cannot do it alone and so you will require funds from well-meaning individuals and organizations to fund your social cause. Key funding channels include self-financing, family and friends, philanthropic individuals and organizations, international donors and fundraising campaigns. Outline key funding sources that will run the organization in its bid to actualize its purpose.
  4. Test the waters: Why start an idea you have never ventured into before? The best way to excel in doing good is to actually start doing good. So volunteer at a non-profit. Find out how it is run, the projects and campaigns, monitoring and evaluation and tell a compelling story of the noble work your organization is doing and how it is making our world a better place.

Now, go ahead and run your successful non profit organisation and be sure to document your progress in our comments section below.

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