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Being single shouldn’t be as deadpan and sad as some people make it seem. Most crappy relationships we see today are because someone thinks their lives will end if they decide to end it with their partners. Granted, when you’re single you definitely miss the weekend sleepovers, gifts, attention and all the other mushy stuff plus there’s the added stress of realising the fact that you’re now alone and have to figure out a way to keep yourself happy.

We’re not about to go the route of telling you to join a support group or just get out there and start dating again- we’re not going to tell you not to worry and  have a positive outlook towards life by meditating daily or some rubbish like that. You’ve probably heard all of that and many more already and we’re not about to bore you with the same details again. So here’s what we think are the ultimate tips for making your single life happy and fun filled.

The first way to be truly happy whilst being single starts with loving and appreciating your independence. It might be difficult at first but you need to realize that when it comes down to it, there are worse things in life than being single. Be happy jo cos life could be a lot worse.

Go out! And no we don’t mean go on a walk- REALLY go out and have massive fun every other day and weekend, (not every day o, except of course you’re jobless then we totally get it). Stop staying indoors and calling yourself an introvert (who introvert don epp abeg?) or you’ll get depressed faster than you realize.

Use this time to engage in something you’ve been always been wishing to do but never found the chance to. Now that you’re no longer on bae, you’ll be surprised to find how much extra time you have now. So use that time- learn how to swim, write that book, pay for that gym membership! One of the good things about being single allows is that essentially you have no one to answer to and you can be as spontaneous as you like.

Ever notice that when in a relationship, you hardly do things for you? Whether consciously or unconsciously, you tend to filter your life decisions through your lover’s eyes. Now is the perfect time to do you boo! Get that crazy haircut you’ve always liked, belch in public (you don’t have do that one) and post that random snapchat of you singing in the car! Cos now, you don’t have to worry about what anybody thinks.

And the best thing about being single? You can date again! Don’t waste time sitting at home crying about your old relationship. Instead create an online profile in popular dating websites like Tinder using your hottest picture. Feel free to catch fun, chat and flirt with members of the opposite all around the world and who knows, with little luck you might just find your next victim (sorry, partner!).

Trust me, follow these tips and you’ll realise that being single really and truly and oh so honestly isn’t that big a deal.

Written by Treasure Asanammy 

Worried about how lonely you’ll be if you finally decide to up and leave that boy you’re tired off? Turns out loneliness isn’t as bad as you think either.