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It is another year, another Lagos City Marathon powered by Access Bank. The Marathon is just four days away and Lagos is ready for everyone. Although the Marathon may probably be won by an East African, this should not discourage you. There are so many other reasons to participate beyond winning. Here are some of them.



Achieving a goal

Non-runners know marathons are difficult, but may not understand what it takes to reach the finish line, to accomplish something that you previously considered impossible. You never know what race day will bring. Embrace it, don’t take it for granted and enjoy the experience.

Building confidence

When you finish running a marathon, you get that sense of satisfaction, that sense of accomplishment. You feel like anything you try, you can now achieve.”

You’ll gain more than you lose

No matter how fast or slow you go, it’s never easy and it always goes just a bit longer than anyone running it would like it to. You would gain a lot of humility and perseverance for completing the marathon distance.

Overcoming obstacles

A large part of training for a marathon is learning from your mistakes. Runners must listen to their bodies and decide when to train (and when not to train) based on how they cope will all they put the body through. To avoid injury, runners also need to rest between workouts and not over train.

Increasing fitness

You can’t just run a marathon. You have to work hard for it. You can’t just focus on your end goal. You have to pay attention to your daily training and nutrition. Over time, you would become fit.


Running alongside a friend or with a group of like-minded athletes with a common goal helps ease each training cycle. You push each other to do your best and count on one another to help you through a rough day.

You’ll explore new places

Normally a Marathon will take you along routes that you won’t take or where won’t readily. The Access Bank Lagos marathon is an opportunity for you to explore awesome destinations in Lagos.

There are prize monies to be won

Of course, there are mouthwatering rewards. Over $500,000 to be and to motivate Nigerians, the 1st Nigerian to cross the line gets N3 million naira. Get your shoes laced and start your training!

By: Damilola Faustino

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