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2016 hasn’t exactly been the best year. But thank God for Snapchat. Cos if there’s one thing that has kept us happy, it’s been watching various forms of insanity play out on social media. People have refused to let the year get them down and they’ve managed to keep the funny coming. Here are some of our fav snapchat moments of 2016.

1- When this psychic’s powers stopped working.



2- When this guy made an accidental trade.




3- When this dude had to get creative in the bathroom.



4- When this babe foundĀ something creative to do in her down time.




5- When this babe legit thought she was a motor vehicle.



6- When this guy was awful (but it was really funny)



7- And when this guys’ ice cream summed up the beginning of 2016 and the end.


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