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By Damilola Faustino

Motivation is something that tends to come and go for many people and unless you have the correct principles in place, it is something that may never come back. These hacks will reveal the things that may destroy your motivation:

Expecting perfection

This is another area in which many people go wrong and it causes them serious issues. If you expect yourself to be perfect, you will be far less likely to put any effort at all. If you are willing to exact maximum effort, it’s far more encouraging to at least try.

Working alone

Endeavour to ensure that you are not going about things alone. Whether it is work related or you want to start a business, just make sure that you are experiencing the journey with someone. When you feel like you’re alone, as soon as the hard times hit, you will fall by the roadside

Refusing to learn from past mistakes

It’s a must that you take time to learn from past mistakes. Whatever happened in the past can serve to help you grow stronger – if you use it to learn from the mistake. If you aren’t learning from mistakes, you are bound to repeat the behaviour, leading to more problems down the road.

Not resting

Start focusing on working hard, but resting hard as well. Remember, rest is vital to your recovery and coming back feeling strong and ready to push yourself. If you aren’t recovered, you clearly are not going to be in the mood to be pushing yourself at all.

Not adopting a routine you enjoy

It’s important that you adopt a plan that you enjoy. With so many different approaches out there that can be very successful, there is simply no reason to do something that you don’t like. If you do, you are headed for failure. Seek out a program that you enjoy and actually look forward to.

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