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By Halima Bakenne

Our workplace brings us into contact with diverse people and opinions, different cultures and beliefs. Among our coworkers are the nice, the crazy, the weird, the naïve, the narcissistic and sadly the misogynistic ones. These are people who actually do not think so highly of women or their abilities. They are sometimes very hard to identify because they tend to come off as pro feminism covered in sugar and spice so here are some tips on how to spot a misogynist at work:


False Charisma;

Misogynists mostly come off as very charming at first, breaking down your defenses and drawing you in. But before you say “jack”, they become obtusely rude and once you try to back away from them, they are back to the sweet and charming guy you originally thought they were. Be sensitive to their ways.

Unhealthy Competition;

Misogynists are especially unhealthily competitive against women. If and when he loses against a man, he still tries to not be a sore loser and be objective about things. The minute he losses against a woman however, he starts to feel terrible and uses whatever is in his power to make her feel miserable.

Blatant Interruptions;

Whether in meetings or during a conversation in the break room, a misogynistic coworker disregards a simple rule of etiquette – do not interrupt people while talking. They tend to talk out of turn and rudely hijack the conversation to fit their own personal interests.

Sense Of Entitlement;

Men who often believe that women are inferior to them have a sense of entitlement to go with their large egos, and this is definitely a sign to watch out for in a coworker. It makes them feel they are more important or valuable than others, especially women, and they make their opinions seem this way also.


You know when you ask a guy something he doesn’t know and rather than just admit it, he tries to come up with some cock and bull story in order not to seem less masculine? Yeah! “Mansplaining” was coined for this reason. If your coworker does that, he is a misogynist and you should be careful in how you deal with him.

So, is anyone coming to mind? Maybe you should call them out? Or you could suggest ways to deal with them.

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