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Beyonce has been accused of faking being black and hiding her true identity as an Italian woman named Ann. Nope, we’re not joking, KW Miller, a congressional candidate in America, has made a series of twisted claims about Beyonce on Twitter.

In a series of bizarre tweets posted over the weekend, Miller said that Beyonce wasn’t even African and he included a wild story that Beyonce is really of Italian descent and her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi.

The politician went on to allege Beyonce’s song Formation includes a number of cryptic coded messages and he claims she’s a secret Satanist.

Beyoncé wasn’t the only subject of Miller’s bizarre Twitter rant. The other was global icon and singer from the 90s – Patti LaBelle. Miller said the lyrics to one of her hit songs seemed to be professing an allegiance to ‘Lucifer’.


The thread, which started with Beyoncé, went on for several tweets, and Miller has continued to tweet about the deep state, Jeffrey Epstein, the Clintons, and many more figures who often feature prominently in American conspiracy theories throughout the weekend.

 Here’s how people reacted to his bizarre conspiracies  :

By: Dammy Eneli

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