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When Beyoncé and Jay Carter announced that their daughter would be named Blue Ivy Carter, not everyone was pleased. A huge part of this reason was because of their attempt to trademark the name, Blue Ivy, a name, a wedding planner, Veronica Morales, has now said was hers before the birth of their daughter. Morales, for this reason, filed a complaint about this attempt.

beyonce and blue ivy

Morales, founder of The Blue Ivy Event started operations in 2009, three years before Blue Ivy Carter was born. She noted in her court documents, that while Jay-Z said in an interview with Vanity Fair that they don’t want people to profit from the name, Beyoncé in her trademark documents, stated that it would be used for business, an act she has described as fraudulent.

Morales had suggested that they acquire her business and trademark as well as collaborate with her on a product line for $10 million in 2018.

She said “Bey’s team says during the meeting, Morales’ counsel “gave a long speech” about treating the opposition as an “opportunity for a business relationship rather than an adversarial proceeding.”

They say Morales put together a PowerPoint presentation to show why Beyoncé should acquire her wedding planning business and her “Blue Ivy” trademark and then they could combine forces and “begin producing products and goods” with Bey attached. Morales allegedly offered a bundle deal for $10 million.”

By Damilola Faustino

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