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It is not the first time she will be wearing Ankara, but she rocks it so elegantly every time. Queen Bey queen is steadily serving us looks in her awe-inspiring wardrobe on the gram.

beyonce in ankara

She recently posted series of photos where our very own Ankara print graced her beautiful bod and we’re here for it.

The head to ankle suit features arched shoulder and a cut that deepens to reveal an impressive décolletage. A statement headpiece made from same Ankara print and her glowy caramel skin tone, highlighted by the muted orange of the fabric finished off the iconic look.

The ensemble was designed by Ena Gancio who’s known to use traditional African-inspired prints in modern silhouettes.

Styled by @Zerinakers, the pop queen donned the outfit to attend the Dream Weavers art exhibition inaugurated to celebrate distinguished African-American artists.

We can’t wait to see the replication of this style hit mainstream fashion. The Bey queen forever we Stan!

See more photos below:

beyonce in ankara

beyonce in ankara beyonce in ankara beyonce in ankara By Sarah Oyedo

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