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Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles has accused two members of Jagged Edge of sexually harassing his daughter and Kelly Rowland when the Destiny’s Child members were minors.

In an interview with VladTV, Knowles said two unidentified members of the R&B quartet Jagged Edge sexually harassed Beyoncé and Rowland on a tour bus. The incident allegedly occurred while the two groups were on the road with Jon B, who toured with them in 1998.matthew knowlesHowever, in the interview, the 67-year-old didn’t name the alleged perpetrators.

“Now, remember the girls are minors,” Knowles began explain during the interview. “They’re 16-years-old… the guys are 21 and 22-years-old. I have a fiduciary duty with minors, by the law, there’s a certain way I have to manage that.”

“I got a call from Kelly and Beyoncé… saying that they were constantly being harassed by two of the members in Jagged Edge,” he continued. “I couldn’t have that. I literally had to put the guys off the bus in Baton Rouge, LA. That began all of this drama.”

Vlad closed out the video by asking Knowles as a father, not a manager, how he dealt with knowing these men in their early 20s were trying to sleep with his teenage daughter.

“We won’t talk about that on camera,” he said.

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