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For over 20 years, Beyoncé has been killing it when it comes to music videos. She happens to hold the title for the most-awarded artist in MTV Video Music Award history, just in case you thought I was talking based on opinions. (Who run the world? Beyoncé!)  So in light of that, below are Queen Bey’s top five most-watched music videos:

Beyonce run the world

1. Halo

Would you believe me if I told you its video had over 1 Billion views? Well if you don’t believe me, you can always check on Youtube. This is one of Beyoncé’s greatest hits is also her best-performing music video. I love the video because of the natural light and minimalism, which show Queen Bey’s softer side.

2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

I’m pretty sure I contributed at least 50% of the 749 million views (and counting) that the video has. Armed with two professional ballerinas by her side, this routine went rightfully viral and won the coveted Video of the Year award. I was known in my house for always doing the single ladies dance routine. You can imagine how many times I watched the video just to learn the dance.

3. Drunk In Love

To date, I still think this is Beyoncé’and  Jay-Z‘s best video together, if you think I’m wrong, you can argue with your charger cause the number of views proves me right.  I love when Bey and Jay collaborate together, they always make magic.  “Drunk in Love” managed to become one of the couples most-watched, clocking in at more than 544 million views.

4. 7/11


I love this video cause it shows off Beyoncé’s playful side.  Five years ago, Beyoncé quietly released this home video that was entirely shot and staged by herself. With the help of a static camera a selfie stick and a few dancing friends. This video has been watched 527 million times.

5. Run the World (Girls)


Surrounded by a gang of girls, Beyoncé captivated the world with her moves and the song’s message. The video has earned 469 million views in eight years. this is every girl’s favorite anthem, so I’m not surprised about the number of views.

By: Dammy Eneli

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