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Hola! Have you accepted Beyonce as your personal lord and saviour? (Slight exaggeration but we’re excited)

Look, we know Bey’s birthday was like a week ago. And yes, we know that we talked about it already, from all the tweets from the Beyhive to her epic Soul Train themed party. But this is #BeyWeek guys! (And this is the last one, we promise!)




Sunday was the queen’s 35th birthday, And while the main turn up is on Monday, she apparently had a pretty lit weekend as well. Bey spent part of the weekend partying at camp with Michelle, Malia and Shasha aka the Obamas. No big deal. It’s all casj.


After that, Bey went up to the Made in America festival Concert in Philadelphia where she had cuu fun times with the former president of the united states and one of the current candidates for the job aka Bill and Hilary Clinton. Again, no big deal for Queen B innit?




We at Accelerate tried to figure out what happened when Queen B and Michelle Obama were together, did they formulate a workable plan for peace in the middle east? ( We can only hope) .

Dazz Not All oh- Queen Bey ended her birthday with a little serenade by Chance the Rapper who was also performing at the festival. Aside from mingling with her friends in high places, she celebrated her big day by dropping the music video for ‘Hold Up’ on Youtube


bey formation gif



Written by Damilola Okejide.






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