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Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula ‘Bez’, broke the news that he is now a father not too long ago saying;

It’s been very interesting I must say. You know, being a father and a musician at the same time and coming up with new, innovative ways to do my music even though I’m quite busy these days. But right now, we are bringing out an album soon and we are getting ready to push it hard because we believe in the album so much. I think for me, it’s all about delegating your time and being responsible at the same time. So, it’s not that easy but it is doable.”

In an interview speaking about female segregation in the society, he says;

I don’t know what people do in their homes, I know that I don’t segregate any females around me or my wife. She is not segregated in any way. So, I really can’t say about what is really happening in other part of the world. Some people have attitudes and people have character and that character shapes them to take certain decisions that are not right.

But if you have a great character and you are able to shape yourself in a way that you take the best decisions and not segregate females because they are really our helpers and we actually do need them and without them we really can’t do anything. I don’t segregate my wife in any way. has great value for me and I can imagine the amount of things I wouldn’t have been able to do if she wasn’t here.”

About the release of the 21 Chibok girls, he says;

The release of the 21 Chibok girls is a great one. Like I say, slow motion is better than no motion. It’s better for you to do something than not do anything at all. For you to have 21 people released from captivity, I think that’s a great step to getting the rest. As the government has put the first foot forward to get them out, I believe that they can do more to get the rest out.


Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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