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Barely 24 hrs to Friday’s nation-wide sit-at-home protest declared by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for the release of its detained leader, Nnamdi Kanu, fear has continued to spread among citizens in the East. According to the IPOB, all markets, banks and other institutions will be shut and movement will be restricted in the entire South East geo-political zone.

Members of the five day standing committee of the Anglican Church of Nigeria have had to flee the state bringing all meetings to an abrupt end. The primate of the Nigerian Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Nicolas Okoh, expressed concerns about the standing order by the group for a sit-at-home strike

He said:  “IPOB threatened to shut down markets and other institutions and restrict movement in the entire South East. We are not delving into the reasons for their agitation, but we are asking them to wait until we leave Awka on Friday. If they go ahead to carry out that order, we may be trapped in Anambra as the Niger Bridge is the only exit route from Anambra State for most of the Bishops. So, people should help us beg them to allow us to go.”

Amidst his concerns other bodies have raised the fact that while IPOB has a right to a peaceful civil action such as strikes, it has no right to disrupt the peaceful movement of other citizens in the state by insisting all institutions close down all operations.

Right now we can only say a prayer and hope there will be no blood shed come tomorrow Friday when the strike officially commences


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Written by Kike Olowu