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The Big Brother Reunion Show kicked off on Monday and it is like a whole Big Brother Double Wahala set afresh, because he drama kicked off almost instantly.
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With host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, picking the minds of the contestants, it did not take long before truths were spilled, and former housemates started to turn on one another.

They revealed how the BBNaija fame has affected them since leaving the show, their future plans, as well as their relationships with one another during and after the show.

We’ll admit, it was nice to see our housemates back on the screen. On Wednesday night the show went live and there was so much tea to spill.

here’s a quick rundown of all you might have missed.

Bam Bam declared her genuine love for Teddy A, to the applause of the housemates and host Ebuka. She admitted that although she and Teddy A are typically not each other’s type, what’s keeping them together is the genuine love they have for each other. How sweet!

bbnaija reunion

then came the session of drags, as the housemates began to drag each other without mercy.

The first question Ebuka asked was directed at DeeOne and what he said was his pairing with Vandora was detrimental to him. He would have lasted more without her, he said.

Then Princess said the same thing about Bitto, saying getting paired with him contributed to her getting evicted. Then Bitto returned the favor and said Princess’ hysterics was annoying.

The biggest drag was when Ifu Ennada went ahead to say that Ahneeka was way out of Angel’s league.

Let’s move on to the love interests.

It was apparent that Alex was holding back when questioned, with her voice shaky and the tension in her demeanour.

When asked how her pairing with Tobi was, she said dryly, it was “just there.” But, we still remember her tears when Leo was evicted from the house, even though she said she preferred Tobi to Leo and didn’t want to date him.

Meanwhile, relationships outside the house even before BBNaija season 3 that we did not know were also revealed.

Okay, so we knew Khloe and K Brule were in some sort of relationship before the house. But, she revealed that what they’d had was a friends with benefits kind of arrangement, as she wasn’t one to get stuck in a relationship.

bbnaija reunion

Then we discovered that Rico Swavey and Princess had a thing before they both went in into the house, although neither one agreed to reveal what sort of thing they had going on.

Then there was the Ahneeka/Angel/Rico/BamBam Love Square.

Angel liked Ahneeka. Rico liked Ahneeka but decided to go for BamBam instead because he preferred her and Angel already liked Ahneeka. But Ahneeka preferred Rico to Angel. And BamBam didn’t like that Rico was indecisive. And Angel was acting like he liked Ahneeka sometimes and other times he wanted to be just friends. Yeah, it was quite messy.

Finally, recall that when Lolu was evicted, he revealed that he would like to have a relationship with Anto. Well, sadly, when she contacted him after the show, Lolu reportedly said no about a relationship between them. Quite confusing right?

But Lolu explained why he declined her proposal, saying that they are two different people looking for two different things out of life.

Whew! All that spilling almost made us dizzy, but we are staying glued to our screens to keep you updated.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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