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A lot of drama went down in the big brother pepper dem house this weekend, from getting severely drink at the eviction party to smashing Biggy’s phone. Here are the full details:

The Eviction Privilege

If given a special power that allows them to Nominate one Housemate for an immediate Eviction, majority of the Housemates had one song on their lips – Frodd. We are not sure what caused the unison in their answers but yesterday’s eviction, looks like Frood is still loved by the fans. Meanwhile, Frodd couldn’t even wait for Biggie to finish before he mentioned Esther as his choice if he had the power to send a Housemate home. Could this be the revenge we anticipated?

The Top 5 Finalists

Can you believe Khafi didn’t make Gedoni’s top 5 finalists list? Well, thankfully, her name didn’t come up when he was asked to Nominate a Housemate for immediate Eviction. Quite an irony seeing the way Khafi chorused Gedoni’s name when asked the same question. The common names in this list were – Mike, Ike, Tacha and Mercy. Mercy, who has been a little reserved around Tacha since her return, surprised us with her pick in the Diary when Biggie asked her to pick her top five. Mercy did not only choose Tacha, but also called her a good person. Well, with the way almost all the Housemates have been talking about Tacha’s change of attitude since her return, we might want to overlook this gesture as a strategy.

Drama at the eviction Party:

Just like every other after Party, this one also ends in Drama with a smashed phone to spice it up. Saturday’s after Party drama took a different turn as Mercy smashed the Oppo phone while standing up for an inebriated Diane. What started as a fun Saturday Night Party with DJ Kaywise on the deck soon turned ugly. In the bid to stop Gedoni from recording a video of a tipsy Diane, a visibly angry Mercy took matters and the phone into her hands and smashed it.

The Saturday Party has gone but the memories it brought continued to live with some of the men in the Pepper Dem House.

Sir Dee, Seyi, and Omashola indulged us this morning with their boys talk as they shared their spicy moments from yesterday’s Saturday Night Party.

By: Dammy Eneli

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