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FollowingNaya Rivera’s tragic death, Big Sean reflected on a past song that many felt was aimed at her. In 2014, Sean released a huge single titled “IDFWU (I Don’t F*ck With U) featuring E-40. This song reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as many believed this was also a diss song towards Naya Rivera. In his latest interview, Big Sean says that this isn’t true.

Big Sean Naya Rivera

Speaking to Vulture about his upcoming album Detroit 2, the singer got candid about his previous relationship with the Glee actress. When asked if he felt any “regret” in regards to his 2015 single, “IDFWU,” he answered: “That’s a tough question to answer because I’m still processing a lot of that. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it because I want to respect her. She’s made such an impact on people, and she’s done so many great things in her life and her career that it was hurtful to even have that [song] be associated with her. I truly made the song and played it for her. She knew about it, and she liked it,” he shared. “We had a breakup that was very public, and we were young and we forgave each other and moved on from that.”

Naya Rivera

Big Sean then went on to explain that he would have approached things differently if he knew what was going to happen: “If I would have known something this tragic would have happened, I would have never made the song,” he said.

By: Dammy Eneli

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