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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Big Shaq just dropped the video for ‘Man Don’t Dance‘ and if you were looking for a good laugh, well here you have it.

big shaq

The comedian/musician did not fail to bring on the humour in this one just as he did with ‘Mans Not Hot‘.

In crisp, well produced and interesting clips, Big Shaq shocks his friends by taking off his jacket(in slow motion, of course), just a few seconds into the video so his lady could take him serious, but unfortunately, he doesn’t dance, so that’s another thing for her to worry about.

There were subtle references to his debut single, ‘Mans Not Hot‘ through out the video, including a referecne to ‘raw sauce’. If you remember the lyrics to ‘Mans Not Hot‘, including the Skrrrpapapa, then you’ll enjoy ‘Man Dont Dance‘ even more.

Enjoy below:


Watch the video below:

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