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The pregnant baby mama and soon-to- be sister in law  of Kim Kardshian, Blac Chyna yesterday revealed that she’s gained over 48pounds as a result of the pregnancy- Dear welcome to the club of  bloated pregnant mamas.


blac chyna pregnant

Sharing with her fans that she fears that at this rate she might be up to 200 pounds before the baby arrives- we personally don’t get the fear when your bank account is Blac Chyna’s and you know that you can probably buy yourself a whole gym. Anyway, Blac shared with her social media followers that she’s ‘loving’ her blossoming figure and she also admitted she’s already plotting how she’ll shed the baby weight.

So imma need to lose 70bs basically to be at my goal weight 130lbs,‘ the five-feet, two-inch beauty wrote.  Guess the star  intends to take a cue from her sister-in-law to be  Kim Kardshian who recently lost 70 pounds months after the delivery of her son Saint in December- Trust me the picture of immaculate shape will make you drool. ‘Strict diet/Waist training/Detox tea/Working out,’ Chyna shared about how she’ll slim down again.


kim kardashians and her kids

Meanwhile, it was revealed recently that Blac and her boo, Rob Kardashian have their own show coming out:


From what we just saw, it’s gonna be pretty damn interesting. Will you guys be watching? Or are you completely and totally over everything Kardashian? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Kike Olowu

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