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Monochrome is a concept-driven fashion label integrating visual arts with fashion design.

Monochrome creations are genderless, singular and timeless, coming from nowhere but made to wear anywhere and by anyone.


The utilitarian aesthetic purveyed through the designs reflects the designers’ objective to create garments that are practical while also modish.

Inspired by London life, Monochrome garments are made to function within an urban setting, exhibiting technical fabrics such as waxed cotton that is waterproof and wool that is efficient and durable.


Monochrome concept never gets out of fashion. With the re-emergence of black and white ensembles becoming a key look this season, it’s about that time we try out a few new combinations from the items we already own, as well as consider adding a couple key pieces to our apparel to give it that instant rejuvenation.

  • Wardrobe Staples.

Black Shoes, Black Pants, White shirt, Bow Tie and printed Blazer.

  • How to Pair ‘N’ Match

There are a number of ways to combine this monochrome trend to create a more easy going and laid back outfit, providing style-conscious men an array of options to plump for; formally and casually or even more traditional looks creating a stronger style statement.


The elegant, simple and ever trendy option to wear monochrome would be suits. A white shirt, black or printed blazer and bow tie or vice versa. The other option is to select a more neutral color like grey or brown; pair a similar colored shirt as that of the jacket or blazer and lighter or darker toned tie. Though the color palate will be the same, the fabric of each item will be different, giving your appearance an interesting textural change.

This monotonous style is a faint yet salient combination that has the capacity to remain timeless. Such a sharp, versatile and practical look that radiates sophistication yet simplicity, can be dressed up or down for the occasion and is suitable for just about any man.


If you don’t fancy splashing out on a new coat and shoes, traditional formal accessories is the way to go. Ranging from polka dotted bow ties down to cuff-links, or paisley floral print will definitely add a touch of charisma to any evening costume.

For times when simplicity is the order of the day, throwing on a slouchy black jacket on a white tee or shirt, all on chinos and plain trainers should suffice.

It is most likely everyone possesses similar apparels (which are quite cost effective with minimal effort required) buried somewhere at the back of their wardrobe, this whole look can’t be hard to achieve.

To join the monochrome trend, go black and white or simply wear varying tones of one color in an outfit.

Written by Obiajunwa Ugochi

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